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Flight Booking Secrets

This video will save you thousands of dollars!  Discover how to fly to other continents for less than $200.  Learn which sites to use and how to make the most of their hidden advanced features.  

Using Layovers as a Tool

Everything you need to consider when exploring a city on a layover.  Learn how you can use your layover to take a quick tour, drink in a pub--anything to avoid being chained to the airport.

Two-Day or Three-Day Stay

Traveling on a budget or cannot get extended time off work?  The Two-Day Stay tactic will maximize the number of cities or countries I can visit on a trip.  See a city and/or its surroundings without spending the typical two week vacation there.

Trip & Health Insurance

Learn which insurance policies you need and which ones are scams.  Some you will not want to eave home without, and which ones are a waste of money.

Hotel & Tour Booking Secrets

Learn how to choose a hotel near all the hot spots in a city.  Discover where and how to book the best tours for the best price.

Credit Card & Foreign Currency Secrets

Discover which cards offer free travel and no foreign transaction fees.  Learn where and when to bring foreign currency at the lowest exchange rates.

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